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 New York born Carol Schiraldi currently lives outside of Austin, Texas with her curly black dog, Chase. Whether working in photography, mixed media including encaustic and pastel, or other artistic explorations, her passion for experimentation has given her work a dramatic signature style. Since her first show at an ice cream parlor in Austin, her work has gone on to be exhibited in galleries and museums around the world as well as included in publications and many sites on the web. Selected for over fifty international juried exhibitions, included in permanent collections, and appearing in print publications, she is an active contributor to the vibrant Austin-area art scene.

Carol's Little World, the award-winning website she created, showcases what critics often call her quirky creative style.


A touch of softness...a hint of femininity...the first fall of a snowflake...the wisp of the hemline on a soft pink dress...the winding curves of a human form in repose...a cross atop a Gothic cathedral on a hillside...a white horse feeding in the mist...a city untouched by time and tide for hundreds of years...a broken winged bird...a Vespa navigating down a narrow cobblestone alleyway in some long forgotten colonial city...a statue the locals call 'requiem for an angel'...a white scarf fluttering in the breeze...a cat named "Boo..."

Photography is the boarding pass for my next destination. It surfs, it plays a mean electric guitar, and it lets me have the first lick from all of its ice cream cones. It's what I always wanted it to be, yet it surprises me each and every time I look through the lens.

Where will my photography lead me next? Only my imagination knows for sure..


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